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    The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez

    Surprised no one has started a thread on this. Another very good doc by Stacy Peralta. Definitely worth an hour and half of your time. Personally, I really enjoy listening to Sam George and Randy Rarick.
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    Very nice video. Thought I'd just put it on in the background since there are a million and one youtube videos out there these days, but the story flowed really well.

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    Great video! He rips on snow too. I used to snowboard with a surfer bitd, and he helped me a lot in learning to see features and lines that were so much fun and surfy. I still seek-out the kind of stuff we used to ride.

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    I really enjoyed this. As a fan of surfing, a yoga enthusiast, and a snowboarder, this was right up my alley. But I think there is a lot here for anyone to enjoy. Love hearing early surf stories about pipeline and Bali and all the old footage. Will watch again. Gerry is my spirit animal.
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