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    WTB: Entry Level Touring Setup

    Buddy of mine is looking to purchase an entry level ski touring setup--nothing top of the line, just looking for something to get him out and learning. He is 6 foot, 180lbs.

    Whatcha got?


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    You want some Marker Baron frame bindings? They are certainly not light, but they are cheap. Here's the ebay post so you can see some pics I'd go down to $99, though.

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    I have a pair of rockered (volkl bridge 186, with marker dukes and some g3 skins (missing tail clips but still stick). I used them a few times on the uphill as did some friends and they definitely got the job done and are an easy ski that can tackle a variety of conditions for an intermediate/advanced skier. I was gonna keep them for friends to use but I wouldn't mind using them to help finance a set of skis that just replaced them in my quiver.
    Where are you located? Based on the sound of it, whatever it is should be something solid, cheap and local since shipping would probably only be worth it for a newer, more advanced ski.

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    I have a pair of 177cm (actually measure almost 180) K2 Coomback 114 with Dynastar need tech toed AT boots..(the risers are cracked in front on both so I dremelled them clean...not structurally any issue)...I'm 6'2" and 200# and fine for me, should be good for 6'/180....beat up but functional...bases are perfect...bindings are old....thinking 200$? I have BD nylon/mohair skins sized wall to wall for them that were just reglued by Big Sky and not used yet/still have the paper on them...price? we could talk about.....I'm in Denver...could send for cost of shipping but should talk first if you are interested....thanks, Chet

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    178cm OG DPS Lotus 120. Carbon lay up, Flex 2. Mounted with small Marker Dukes and BD skins cut to fit. I would have to check what BSL ends up on the line, but I skied them with ~305 BSL and was gucci.

    - one ski had a length-wise crack in the top sheet. I injected it with epoxy, covered it with a sticker, and clamped it down. I skied them this way in soft snow for a winter, and it held up fine; however, I am unsure of the torsional rigidity if these were ever skied at a resort or on hard pack.
    - any major top sheet chipping was filled with epoxy.
    - some ptex repairs have been done to the bottom and has some long scratches. Could probably use a base grind if you wanted the bases primo, but for what they are, they are skiable as is.
    - I have not skied this rig in several years since I moved out east so the skins have been sitting. I pulled them apart and they do not appear overly gloppy, but I'm not sure how long before they need a reglue.

    $100 skis + $100 bindings + $80 skins = $280? Would split shipping.

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    I've got a pair of first gen RMU Apostles with G3 Ions, and quiverkillered for Attacks as well. Bases are in great shape, and only minor chipping on the top sheet. On the larger side with boots - should be 27.5-29 for both mounts. Nice soft 5-point ski, didn't click with me but would be a great setup to start on. I have skins for them too but those definitely need to be reglued. $275 + shipping? Or offers are welcome.

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