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Thread: Jacked up ribs

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    Quote Originally Posted by F#*k you cat View Post
    Checking in on this thread. Just over two weeks out and yeah it sucks. I slammed into a wind lip. Heard a pop. A couple. At the speed I was going, not surprised at all that I am still hurting this far out. X rays were negative. Talked to a rn here at work and she said it will be 6 weeks. Bruised ribs with a bonus of popped cartilage at the sternum. I asked when I could go skiing again, and she said well you can ski anytime, just don't fall and know that it might just hurt like hell.

    Been switching off between aspirin, and ibuprofen, with a heavy dose of sativa. Pretty much took 1/2 oxycodones in order to sleep for the 1st 10 days. Now just a gummy and i am good to go.

    I have to say, this is going to be one of the hardest things I have recovered from. And I have blown out my knees 3 times.

    Buck up and rest. Don't do anything that might set me back, chill and I'll be good to go next year.

    I am a skier.

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    Yeah, if you fall, best to wait for someone to come along to help you up, unless you have some fentanyl handy.

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    Stacked it hard on the MTB about two weeks ago. X-ray was negative, but I knew I was wrecked.
    CT scan proved me right. Displaced fracture on #10, fractures of 9, 7 and 6. Big bottle of Tramadol is helping, but yeah this hurts.
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    Jeezus, man. You're too old for that shit. Heal... as quickly as is possible.

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