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    Quote Originally Posted by doubleeject View Post
    On the bright side, at least MHX isn’t on wind hold (yet).
    She held out as long as she could. Chair striking tower got her at 8:20 this eve. Got a 25 minute ride on blue as a consolation prize! Winds were absurd

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBS View Post
    ^^^You neglect to factor in the mechanical side of the equation.

    @Huskydoc, do you think sitting in a dead chair for 30 min is a good opportunity to reflect on your life, or do you view it as a major annoyance?

    How would you feel about walking out from there?

    How ‘bout getting hosed down with hydraulic fluid?

    Upside - The winds shouldn’t pound you while you sit there tomorrow, as interloper notes
    Sitting on a ski lift chair seems better than a day in the office. Especially when I look at the Bachy webcam instead of getting prepared for my 8:30am meeting...

    My wife did contemplate that question of how long the hike out from NWX base would be on Saturday. It's one of life's internal questions for those that choose to ski and risk it all on a chair lift ride to nirvana.
    "We don't beat the reaper by living longer, we beat the reaper by living well and living fully." - Randy Pausch

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