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    Boise Shuttle Services suspended?

    Got word that two of the people doing shuttles services in the Boise area have been shut down due to some "change in the law". Anyone know anything about why shuttle services would be shut down due to a change in laws? Did something recently happen in BLM, Forest Service laws that anyone knows about and someone made a stink about to keep these services from offering shuttles? Maybe something to do with "TNC legislation"?

    How does this work for river shuttle companies, I really see no difference, nor do I see any difference if a large group of friends shuttles up, less having to go retrieve said vehicle.

    Is someone in the land management agencies not getting their cut of the revenue? Or is it some angry hiker group that's opposed to bicycle shuttles or a combination of both?

    Kinda lame if you ask me, considering one side of the coin says we're encouraging fewer vehicles on roadways and fewer emissions, but on the other hand no one seems to really know how to get these kinds of shuttle services officially permitted through the non communicative land management agencies.

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    Probably something at the state level, in here somewhere. I know Montana recently changed some of our rules for "motor carriers" to make them a little less restrictive, I think it was supposed to help for shuttle and bus services, but I didn't follow it too closely.

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