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    Quote Originally Posted by timackie View Post

    Here is Trevor Noah at the White House corespondents dinner recently. Thigh slapping funny. The zinger at the end nearly made me wet my pants.
    That was great!
    Quote Originally Posted by blurred
    skiing is hiking all day so that you can ski on shitty gear for 5 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontuckyFried View Post
    While I agree that Stewart was universally enjoyed, I'm not so sure that it was Noah that killed the show, but rather the suits and the writing staff behind the scenes. As others have said already, Noah's standup can actually be really funny and the guy IS talented. Outside of the Daily Show, he's a much more likeable person. I'd say it was the show that brought HIM down and not the other way around. Much like SNL. There are some EXTREMELY talented, hilarious people on there, but too often these days, they're held back by the writers and execs telling them what they can and can't say. Compare that to the show's glory days of the 70s-90s when they could get away with SSSOOOOOO much more and the show was all the better for it.

    Nowadays, corporate late night comedy be like:

    Good point. Hopefully they’ve been fired too.

    Stewart changed people. He made them laugh, made them think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by timackie View Post

    Here is Trevor Noah at the White House corespondents dinner recently.
    Just watched the whole thing. That was one of (if not) the best host monologues I've ever seen done at that event - equal opportunity, edgy zingers all around, and very fucking funny - a real tour de force!

    OK, maybe a little more for the Conserv-Tards, but really, don't they deserve it?

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    I thought Trevor Noah was alright. I was a huge fan of Jon Stewart, but Stewart wasn't really replaceable, and even with strong writing talent continuing to back him up, his style might not have held up indefinitely in any case; he had a very long run, what else can you ask of him? Anyway, I'm fine with Comedy Central having gone with someone new and different.

    That, and going after an audience younger than myself. Somebody mentioned Johnny Carson. Okay, the guy was a legend. But if you're holding him up as some kind of late-night gold standard, just admit that you're hopelessly out of touch. Come on, that guy was "dad humor" back when I was in college, which was not at all recently.

    One thing that isn't being acknowledged is that the whole pastime of sitting on a couch every night to watch a comedy-variety show has all but vanished in modern popular culture. None of these shows are doing well, despite diminished competition. The whole genre is on its way to being an anachronism. Some people (myself included) considered Samantha Bee a contender to continue in Stewart's place; her show quietly got canceled not too long ago, replaced by nobody. So: Don't blame Trevor Noah.

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