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    Epic Pass and Verbier benefits..... so confused

    I'm doing a trip to Switzerland this year and I noticed a couple of the resorts I'm going to (Verbier and Andermatt) are on Epic Pass. I have an AltaBird and Ikon pass so Epic would be overkill for me, but I figured if it pays for itself then why not. But I am so confused by the Verbier 4 Valles benefits. The Epic Pass page clearly says you get a 5 day consecutive lift ticket to Verbier with an Epic Pass. No fine print, no asterisk, nothing confusing about it. But then after wandering around the internet I landed on a page saying the Verbier benefits are tied to booking with a certain property through 4 Valles. I am already booked for a week at the W Verbier so that type of condition won't work for me. But when I go back to the main page for Epic Pass there is no mention of this. The Epic Pass page just clearly says 5 consecutive days at Verbier with no conditions attached. Is Epic baiting and switching me or what? Without that 5 days at Verbier the pass makes no sense for me. I would call but my experience is the agents know less about these passes than the customers calling do.
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    Give them a call anyway. Keep asking for somebody who can answer your questions until you get what you need.

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    email: get it in writing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster Highmen View Post
    email: get it in writing.
    Seems like a paradox, no?
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