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    Dispersed camping Chief Joseph and Beartooth pass region

    Going to meet my brother in a couple weeks for some camping. His cancer is out of remission and we want to hang while he's feeling good. Any rec's for out of the way camp areas would be appreciated. I'm up to speed on flood closures, and designated USFS camp sites but if you have some spots we will have a 17' Casita and a cabover truck camper. Won't need hook ups or toilets etc. Thanks in advance feel free to message if you want to keep your spots off of media. Whip

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    Both places are super mellow midweek. Shouldn't be a problem finding pull offs etc in either spot.

    Up and over the Beartooth ro cooke city is it. I guess the cooke city entrance to yellowtail is closed?

    Beautiful places. Could be worse. Good to hear your bro is doing well! Have fun!!

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    fished a cool little lake that had grayling brookies and cutts and had a cg off beartooth

    theres some cool stuff along the clarks fk

    not sure of the legality of camping at the take out/ put ins though
    if ya camp at the Edelweiss
    ya can gits the bloody to go for the bfast
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    Not exactly on the Chief Joseph Hwy or Bear Tooth Hwy but an area with lots of nooks and crannies around some of the coal mine heads for self contained over nights is Bear Creek, MT which is on the "back way" between Red Lodge and Cody.

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    Yo whipski, pm me your travel dates/itinerary and general route and I can fill in some sweet camp spots between here and there.
    If ya wanna kick it in downtown JH for a while lemme know, we got space for campers, tents or you're welcome to crash on the waxroom futon for however long.

    Byates made a good point... midweek the camping is gonna be easy and not busy.

    Frankly, Jackson this summer has been flowing at about half the usual amount of tourist crazy. Pretty quiet around here really.

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