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    Newb questions: where to find used kayaks?

    Long time skier and mtn biker, I'm finally caving and buying hitewater kayaking gear. I live in Hood River, OR and I'm finding it difficult to source used gear. I assume this is related to current supply shortages and the huge influx of people such as myself entering the sport. I joined the local Facebook groups and check the marketplace regularly. What groups are you guys a part of, or what's the whitewater equivalent of TGR? I've got everything except a boat. A friend recommended starting with a creek boat or 1/2 slice.

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    you wana try and paddle with at least 2 other paddlers on the river so find out where you will be paddling, the the best way is to hook up with the local WW paddling club

    a creek boat will suck if everyone is surfing at the local play spots cuz they don't surf worth a shit and running creeks in a play boat will be terrifying so the right boat will depend on where you paddle, no idea what a 1/2 slice is

    I will take your word for it there is a huge influx of new paddlers cuz IME its always been a cold/ dirty/ terrifying fringe sport
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    I’ve bought a couple boats (not WW) off of Craigslist

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