This is a little unusual PSA post. Not available on-line that I know of.
Was in the The North Face outlet stores in Lincoln City and Woodburn yesterday and ran across a bunch of A-CAD jackets - Women's only, and only in Small & XS.
But the prices were pretty good. We probably got a better deal than we should, but I bought one for us and one for a friend and they both came out to about $116 ea.
They are marked down to $400 with 60% off that. ($160)

If you buy more than $150 in merch, you get an additional 20% discount. ($128) But you'll have to buy something additional to get you over $150 total.

They have the Forest-green upper/sleeves w/ light-blue body in both stores and the, IMO, incomparably ugly digital camo in Woodburn.
If those sizes fit your needs, these are just super cheap.

Again, Small and XS only that I saw.

Bibs are discounted from the full retail of $500 (or $550, can't recall) so they're not as great of a deal, though that's still really steep discount.
Light blue and black colors that I recall. Didn't pay as much attention to sizes - but small & XS were there. Woodburn has far more bibs than LC.

[There wasn't anything else, especially in Mens, worth writing home about. Some good "outlet" deals, but nothing from their top line stuff. <Sigh> Was hoping for a Brigandine in Orange/Yellow for myself at a steal.]