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Thread: Fish ?

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    Fish ?

    I ride a 9 foot longboard . I ride progressive shapes and surf it like a shortboard, but friday I came to the realization that I need to go back to shortboarding when needed.
    I went up to Oceanside and really wanted to surf. It was foggy so I couldnt see much of what was out there but I was too lazy to go up to San O.
    I was looking for a chest/head high fun day . What I got was head high booming beachbreak. Ok , but mostly pig dogging on a log all morning so no big roundhouse cutbacks, ect.
    On about my 8-9th wave , hoping I make it down the line I had a thought
    Why not go back to shortboards when the surf is this hollow? Might be better to have more ability to pull in and enjoy than to keep worrying about my Log hitting someone
    So, Im in the market for a new board.
    I tend to go a bit long, my current "Short Board" is a 7 foort M3 Channel Islands. It seems slow to me. I had a nice 7'2" Epoxy Thruster I loved, but broke it a couple years ago.
    Cant decide if I should try a fish or just search for a 6'8"-7' thruster

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEXASS View Post
    It was foggy so I couldnt see much of what was out there but I was too lazy to go up to San O.
    That's pretty lazy

    I've got a 7'-6 Firewire Addvance (at the time Lost had not gotten back into making fishes) that I run as a quad. It has a decent amount of rocker and I love it on days when San-O is head to OH. Shorter than that, I've got a plethora of different Lost boards between 6'-10 and 6'-0. Their OG series (page 2 of their website or their shop in SC) has plenty of high volume, techy, shortboards to choose from. You should be able to find what you're looking for there.

    Good luck and happy shopping
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    They don't really make 6'8 -7 Thruster that will surf better than your log these days, or at least not commonly. Those sizes are generally reserved for big waves board.
    I would def get something smaller with the same amount of volume. As mentioned above the shorter fatter shortboards are awesome and you can get 35L easily in a 6'0 that surfs very well and can be ridden aggresively. Thats where i would be looking at as you don't really need too much rail these days. Maybe 6'2 38L or something along those lines.

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    I would definitely go with a big fish.

    You could go with a 6'6 fish with a ton of volume, like 45 liters, if you want a smooth transition. It will have a ton of glide but far more manuverability than a longboard.

    I surf fishy type boards almost exclusively.

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