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Thread: Powder11 RIP

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    His poor family. Thanks for linking - donated.

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    RIP Toby.
    Quote Originally Posted by powder11 View Post
    if you have to resort to taking advice from the nitwits on this forum, then you're doomed.

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    Thank you for posting the GoFundMe link.

    Shared to friends, classmates, and donated.

    Vibes to the kids…

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    I never connected that Pow11 was Toby S. I'm sure I had a beer with him at some point, we have so many mutual friends and I've heard his name many times over the years. Really sad to hear this.

    So is the official cause of death a car accident? I'm really confused on what happened.

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    Just so it is in this thread as well. This is all 2nd hand but from a friend who helped search. He crashed his truck driving way too fast off a logging road into a lake. He was able to get out. Most likely pretty injured. Then scrambled up a very steep and cliffy hillside. Probably disoriented. Fell. Broken neck.

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    Mar 2007.

    Too many good times chasing you around WB to count. You will be missed. RIP and sending straighlines on the other side.

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    I was able to dig up this article but it doesn't say very much:

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    A nice article in the Whistler Newspaper.
    "a really dry sense of humor".... thats an understatement.

    Based on the situation not much more details will be released.

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    Condolences to his family and friends. Sucks

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    Powder11 RIP

    Think I first met him in the lift line, as ya do w most good people. We’d always find ourselves at the same chairs waiting for em to crack. Shared lots of good times.
    Only hooked up a few times off the resort, but damn those days were good.

    Heli drop which turned out to be a 800m couloir off a peak no one had skied before

    Sun rising over Twin Goat

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    Name:  Image1655930563.870102.jpg
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    Scoping the line

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The long slog out with the line hiding behind in the background

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    A few years later I was looking for someone to join on a bike heli drop in the N Duffey.
    Tried a lot of people but Toby was one of only 2 who was keen to try and get off a big shale sloped peak that I though would go but wasn’t sure.
    Had an awesome day

    Heli bump

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Our objective

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    Powder11 1st descent Ostinato Peak 2690m

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Lately I was more likely to see him in the sled trailhead but we’d still share great days on the chair.


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    Great Post !
    He was always up for an adventure. JM you were smart to call him when you had a crazy objective.

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    Toby Salin ‘s Celebration Of Life will be held at 3pm on June 29th at Daisy Lane Acres on Clover Road in Pemberton

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    Sad news. He posted some great stuff here way back when. That’s a great shot of him smiling with the mountain in the background.

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    Northern BC

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    Fuck me, I'm rarely on here nowadays but I met Toby up at Red, crashing with Rusty Nails at his place (where is that guy btw?). We even had a few beers at my place outside DC waaaayyyyy back when he and his then wife were out this way for work I think.

    Good dude. Really sorry to hear this, even if it's been at least 15 yrs since I saw him.

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    So sorry to hear this news. I skied with Toby a few time here in Vermont back in the day. He was a good guy and a head charger. Rest easy Toby.
    fighting gravity on a daily basis

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    Ah fuck. Condolences to all who knew him. Haven't been here much lately but remember his screen name as one whose posts I'd always check out. May you RIP, Powder11.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunion 2020 View Post
    A toast to Powder11 and a toast to life. In the end its all we get.
    Ich bitte dich nur, weck mich nicht.

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