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    ACL suddenly loose, 9 years post-op

    I had a ACL/MCL/meniscus reconstruction way back in April 2013 from a ski accident.
    It's been a long road of recovery, with the swelling slow to subside even after all the years.

    About six months ago, the swelling started getting a lot better, and my knee felt free of pressure for the first time since the surgery. My patella was tracking nicely, and I was getting these little releases from the knee that felt good. I though I was moving into a new phase of happy knee.

    Then a month ago, I'm out hiking, sit down for lunch, and when I stand back up, my knee felt slightly dislocated. Nothing painful, just awkward and a bit unstable. I figured a little rest and it would sort itself out. Unfortunately, it hasn't gotten better. I have stopped all athletics as that is too much. I can go down stairs 100%, but going up requires a little arm assist or it feels unstable. Zero pain throughout.

    I went to a PT, and a regular doc, and both confirmed that my Lachman's test when pushing the shin backwards is not good. There is a lot of movement in the joint, just in that one direction, and both thought my ACL was compromised and likely needed surgery.

    I'm kinda freaking out now, and called my previous ortho surgeon (Dr. Laprade from the Steadman clinic in Vail). His practice is in Minnesota now, and I'm in California. He encouraged me to book a flight, he'll do diagnostics on Monday and operate the next day.

    Does any of this resonate with anything you've experienced? I'm tripping out worried about another knee reconstruction, and just hoping that there is something 'simple' that might resolve the issue. Any thoughts much appreciated. Thank you-

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    Unfortunately it's not uncommon for the ACL graft to tear after reconstruction surgery, even years later. Tears in the meniscus are common and they can also cause some of the subjective instability you feel.

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