Seeking Kayaking/Ski Partners & Recommendations: Hi river and mountain friends! I'm solo road tripping from Colorado to Southern California around March 18th. I plan to kayak and ski from 3/19 until 3/25, then drive back to Colorado. In the past I've paddled rivers and creeks around Kernville in early April, Tahoe area in early May, and am wondering how the conditions will be from So Cal to as far north as San Francisco/Bay Area. Probably paddling III to V-, depending on the situation. I'll ski at Ikon Pass resorts and will BC tour with Avy Level 2 experience.

The purpose of this message is to network and connect with like minded people. Not to mention, there could possibly be ride/gear sharing and saving gas costs. Please send me a message if you may have similar trip plans or have recommendations. Call my cell if you have my number. I'll check back in with more details as the time gets closer. Peace!

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