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    Big Red Cats Rossland BC

    Spent 2 days at Big Red Cats in Rossland BC. Out of all the Cat ops I have ridden this one is the largest. They have a fleet of 5 Cats that run daily. They try their best to group the cats by skill level. I was lucky enough to rally a huge group and fill a complete cat for 2 days. Like all cat operations the guides at BRC is forced to mix cats, when that happens to keep everyone safe the guides have to ski and the lowest skill level in the cat, which is a major bummer. Soccer mom, or lame guy from Florida with rental gear can blow a day. I was lucky enough to be in a private cat with strong riders. Therefore the guide put us on terrain suited for our level. It hadn't snowed in about a week, but BRC has so much terrain the guides were able to keep us on nice, soft boot to knee powder. Guides started us out on 5 foot drops and slowly worked their way up to 10s.

    I put together a quick video, it isn't the best, my GP was acting up on day 2 and didn't get any of the drops. The tight trees makes it difficult to get moving fast with a GP on a stick so I had to keep it in my pack most of the time.

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    Great fun! Nice

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    Awesome outfit

    Big red is a solid option. Great customer service too.

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    Super cool man, got me jonesing for some cat action again.

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