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    Is this the place to come for beach advice?

    A ski forum for a little beach-seeking inquiry? Seems ideal.

    I'm not convinced that this is the appropriate location for this thread but fuck it.

    I'll graduate from college in May (queue whatever college bullshit or advice you need to get off your chest) and want to go down to Central America for two months before I move to Montrose, CO. I've done Costa Rica and Panama solo before, both great times, but I'm hoping to take a more stagnant approach (toes in the sand, beer in my hand x 60 days). I can see a few sites, do the must-do's, but I really hope to stay in one--maybe two--airbnb-type-situations for most of the time and go AFK (maybe I'll finally try my hand at surfing but ideally I'll have a fat stack of books and beers). Though, surfing availability is a must-have for location.

    I am currently considering:
    -Belize (havent been able to find many surfing destinations)
    -Costa Rica
    -Panama (haven't been able to find many surfing destinations)
    -El Salvador
    -Every other country in Central America

    As you can see, I have made significant progress on my research and come to you with a very refined list. So, now I ask: who has (or knows someone who has) a house that needs work completed on or rent paid for? If you are dry in that regard, where would you recommend that I go? Should I do an extended Airbnb or should I drive my 1983 Toyota Pickup down into Mexico?

    My conditions include: affordability, surfing, relatively safe for an extended amount of time, plus good weather for june and july.

    Hit me.

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    Beach advice: go with the speedo!

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    Central America in Summer is going to be hot, and itís going to rain. Itís all affordable, but if you really want to dirt bag it, some places are a lot cheaper (but also more primitive) than others. You can get cold beer, tasty food, and an ocean view just about anywhere. I find small out of the way places where I can get to know people safer than larger anonymous places, but petty crime is always possible, just donít be stupid or an asshole and youíll be fine. I prioritize the sort of waves (and lack of crowds) that Iím seeking, and if youíre wanting to learn to surf, Iíd suggest finding a place where that can happen (gentle waves, small crowds, and relaxed vibe) should be your priority, and no Iím not going to share my favourite spots on a public forum.

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    Wish I knew?
    This place is awesome but going to be pricey for 60 days. Maybe ask them if they need any help.

    Beach Resort | Morrillo Beach Eco Resort | Panama

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    If you want nice beaches don't go to Belize. Not many of them, and a lot of what's there are not nice sand, think more crushed shells.

    Colombia might be worth looking into. Less touristy, cheaper, and some nice beaches near Cartagena and Santa Marta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evdog View Post
    "Can't you see..."

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    Spent some time in Tamarindo, Costa Rica early last month. Nice vibe to the place, and I felt safe while I was there taking the usual precautions.

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