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    WTB Look/Dynastar/Rossi Brake PX12

    I have a big collection of skis that I loan out to people getting into the sport or friends that are going on a trip.

    A guy broke one of the bindings on one of them and it is actually the brake.

    The binding is a PX12 (fluid I think) but I think they use this brake on several models. It is going on a Mythic Rider 88-90mm ski if width matters

    I attached a pic of the part I have with me here at work. It is the plastic piece with the 3 holes that broke and I didn't get that back.
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    Let me know if anyone has one or a pair setting around they would sell.

    I will be in Denver Sunday and again Wednesday at at Winter Park Mon-Wed Morning if that makes a difference.

    Shipping is to Missouri.

    Thanks Mike
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    I might have a pair, but will be a few days until I can check so someone else may chime in

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    if no one in the USA has, I have dozens of them in the Great White North
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