So went back and forth on what forum to put this in and landed here.

I help out at a small non profit ski area, Black Mountain of Maine, and I have been pushing their acceptance of uphill skiing. This has led the Chisholm Ski Club to ask me to help coordinate a skimo race. Chisholm btw is the oldest ski club in the USA. I asked Jonathan Shefftz to add us to his NERando race series and fortunately he agreed.

Anyways Chisholm wants to make a tshirt for the event and asked me to find a design. I am terrible at these things. Asked one graphic designer I know, but she is swamped. Anyone on here able to lend a hand? The name is chosen (not by me) Black Mtn Traverse. The race will almost entirely be on glades cut by the group I volunteer with the Angry Beavers. Thought it would be cool to have a smiling toothy beaver and a white s turn on the tail.

Appreciate the help and definitely could guarantee glory along with one or two tshirts