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    3G sunset/alarm system

    I received a notice that I need to update my obsolete technology because of the 3G sunset. If I schedule soon, they will waive any install fees and just charge $230 for the parts.

    Is that cost comparable to what others are seeing in their market?

    Any DIY options available worth considering to upgrade it myself?

    What about options for newer technology in general? I think this was installed in 2006-7 during a major house renovation/marriage.

    Regarding the latter option, if it is going to be a significant change on entry/exit, that's a barrier. We have aging parents on both sides who are in and out some when we are out of town. I don't want to change the system too much on them because it will result in some inadvertent alarms.

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    I assume you are talking about a residential security system?

    Just get a system thru Ring or similar modern brand… it’s like $3/mo vs $30/mo for a traditional system…

    Remember - over 99% of home alarms are false alarms. A lot of police departments don’t respond anymore…

    IMHO paying for 24/7 monitoring is throwing money away….

    The only value in an alarm system is that loud fucking noise that will alert neighbors and scare someone away….

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