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    We didn't stay at the Ymir Hotel though I had checked it out prior.

    I agree with your take on the lodge Alta. I don't think anyone on our trip was upset with the rustic accomodations. But at some point there's a difference between rustic and unsafe. Sadly it seems like it may be teetering on that line. Would love to see minimal investments to bring it up to snuff -- work exchange, small co-op. Such a cool spot and the terrain -- as you say -- is excellent whether it's storming hard or sunballs all week.

    Now...on to the food.

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    That terrain looks pretty sick - nice work dudes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchgreenchile View Post
    That terrain looks pretty sick - nice work dudes!
    the terrain looks sick - as does the guide!

    supplemental O2 for breakfast is sketchy - sounds like you guys kept a positive attitude regardless

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    Quote Originally Posted by doebedoe View Post

    Tgapp on one of our laps
    Attachment 404142
    for someone who keeps tellin me hes a gaper
    kids got decent form, a beyond stoked attitude, and potential
    thanks fer takin the time to take us with
    and thanks to tgrapp for summin up avvy 2 as
    what could smoke our asses today?
    what are we missin and why are we missin it?
    and theres a special magic in the hut trip
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