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    Salt Lake PT recomendations?

    Popped my shoulder out while doing avalanche mitigation and in the market for a Salt Lake area PT. Preferably someone decently close to the mouth of BCC. Hoping for someone who understands what return to sport means for skiing, mtn biking, weightlifting, etc.

    Who have people on here worked with and enjoyed? Anyone I should avoid?

    Any advice or suggestions appreciated!

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    come see my spanser thru ihc or she'd at least tell you whats up
    they dont give out fellowships if ya suck
    ill pm my digits
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    Not close to the mouth of BCC, but Mike Orr at Ultimate Sports Performance is awesome:

    My personal experience with the PTs at TOSH is that they mostly work on helping sedentary people regain basic mobility. USP is much more athlete-focused. Even if they don't take your insurance it'll probably cost you less--as of last summer the cash price for a standard PT visit was $70 which is about half what I paid at TOSH with insurance in 2016.

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    Mandy Mehler did my shoulder rehab after rotator cuff surgery. She probably shreds on snow and dirt harder than you.

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