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    Polishing Mountain Bike Cranks

    Howdy Folks -
    Just got some real aesthetically bunged up cranks for a bike that I am building up, and was thinking about sprucing up the build by doing a quick polish on the crankset.

    Couple of questions I have, that I was hoping the Mag-Brain-Trust could answer for me:

    1. Most of the online tutorials state sanding everything down with various grits of sandpaper before the polish step. If my primary goal is to remove the powder coat, and not gashes, does that actually matter?

    2. For the buffing step, is it better to do this on a bench grinder with a buffing wheel, or is it easier with an angle grinder / drill with a buffing wheel?

    3. How long does the polish last, and should I plan on applying a clear coat?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    We used to use Easy Off to remove the paint on cranks...

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    Any Crank Polishers in here? Guy needs some help.

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    Easy off oven cleaner to remove. I've done it many times. Messy job but kinda cool.

    You can super polish the them afterwards if you feel like it too for a real shine, it just doesn't last very long before you need to polish again

    No power tools or fancy stuff required... Just paper towel, oven cleaner, rubber gloves, ventilated space and an hour or so. For Polish I just used a cheap r/mag polish

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    What's the best finish after stripping the paint? Brushed? In the same boat, and would like minimal upkeep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knarrrr View Post
    What's the best finish after stripping the paint?
    Chrome is probably the best finish for durability, but try Cerakote.

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