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    Long term snow forecast for the Sierras

    My colleagues at Berkeley released this study a short while ago and I somehow just got to it:

    Several studies and other regions report similar findings.

    Basically, no permanent snow pack in the Sierras within 25 years.

    So that's it. It's over.

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    Even before then I'd imagine there will be very bad snow years and it will be challenging fir any ski area to stay alive.

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    You can see it with how early the Sierras are clear of snow each summer, by July it seems there's nothing left even above 11,000'. Then whatevers left of glaciers begins melting off too. So sad

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    Any link to the full study?
    I’m a cheap bastard. But I like reading sciences.

    Resiliently high pressure? Been there for a decade. Steering the jets up north.

    Need a Pineapple Express for the ski

    PS. Checked the squaw yesterday. Fuck. No base. Not even a blue groomer. Vibes.
    I’ve just decided to be a middle aged somewhat depressed somewhat anxious fucktard until the end.

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    Thanks for the info! this will be very helpful!

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    Ventura Highway in the Sunshine
    I backpacker over Donahue pass near the Lyell glacier (Yosemite's largest, and one of the largest in the Sierra) and was shocked to see how small it was compared to when I climbed Mt Lyell in the 70's. Barely a snow field left. Tried to climb middle Pal a few seasons ago, and the step of from the glacier to the class three route was gone. Took a few 5th class moves to get to the easy terrain.

    I agree it is a constitutional right for Americans to be assholes...its just too bad that so many take the opportunity...

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    I don't know if I would trust the guys at Berkeley, liberal group pushing a narrative, I've been skiing Tahoe for 58 years, some years are good and some are light
    It's all good
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