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    Aspen types with a spare room, help a kid out?

    Friend of the family is looking for a room for their daughter (pump the brakes you pervs) she is skiing in Aspen for the ski club and her current accommodations are running out. Noram level athlete, will be mostly away at races etc. Anyone have someplace?
    Some details:
    Help! Our daughter Jessie is skiing in Aspen this year for Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club and is looking to rent a room or share housing from late December through mid April. She's a great cook, clean, quiet, and will be away racing for much of the season. She'd be perfect filling in that guest or extra room you or your friends might have. She had a great sublease for the early season but is skiing in Canada through Christmas. If you or anyone you know can assist this 19 YO racer, please message me. Thanks!!!
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    Pumping the brakes isn't working.
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    You don't lose your chance just your turn, pertains to Aspen housing also.

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    Still looking?

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