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    Where the sheets have no stains


    I have been in this State for 30 years and I am willing to admit that I am part of the problem.

    "Happiest years of my life were earning < $8.00 and hour, collecting unemployment every spring and fall, no car, no debt and no responsibilities. 1984-1990 Park City UT"

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    It's Full of Stars....
    Haven’t seen it, but it looks awesome…..
    What we have here is an intelligence failure. You may be familiar with staring directly at that when shaving. .
    One man can only push so many boulders up hills at one time.

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    Just watched the Anderson Cooper interview with Max. Imagine being a 10 year old boy whose father was just taken away in an instant. Can't wait to watch - with trepidation of course.

    Alex Lowe was one of the best mountaineers the world has ever seen

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    I was able to see this in telluride with the whole Lowe/anker family there and doing a q and a afterwards. Super intense experience. Iím not much of a cryer but was low key sobbing most of the way through. Most of the audience reacted the same. I felt a little uncomfortable witnessing Conrad Anker trying to hold it together at times.

    Itís a powerful film, highly recommended.

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    Just watched it. It's a rough one to sit through. Really well done.

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