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    Fastener Assortment kits?

    There MUST be a thread on this somewhere, but I'm struggling to find one. I'm doing a Garage remodel project through the winter and into the spring and I'm looking to add a good fastener assortment kit and storage system to the garage. I've been looking at Fastenal, Home Depot, Amazon, Mcmaster Carr, etc. but everything is really overpriced or crap. I have recently found myself on that seems to have a decent assortment at a reasonable price. I can't see myself needing more than Grade 5/8.8.

    To save bench or floor space I'm planning on getting something that can be mounted to the wall like this. I'm looking at an assortment of Metric, Standard, Tek screws, and machine screws (and assorted nuts, washers, etc.). The latter two options don't have plastic bin kits, so I've reached out to see if they have something that isn't currently on their website. I'll likely buy additional wall mount panels and bins so that I can expand it as I go.

    Have any of you used Any other recommendations on how to do this at a reasonable price (other vendors, etc.)? Any other suggestions?



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    cheap fastners, IDK what your application needs are but this seems to have a decent array.

    a few of these on the wall should work unless opening some sort of a professional shop.

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    For both stuff at home, and stuff at work I've always used McMaster, and filled out the bins in the link below with hardware as needed. That way I don't end up with a bunch of stuff that I will never end up using.

    When I am in a pinch, I'd head to the local HW store, and just get a few extras of stuff while there.

    In addition to that, I've also used Amazon directly for some weirder stuff that I actually have used for both house repair, ski (boots, skins, bindings, ext), and bike repair.

    On the short list for stuff to have:

    - M4/M5 Wood T Nuts - Great for boot mods
    - Leather rivets - Great for skin repair
    - Big ass fender washers
    - small o-ring (great to make hardware stacks captive)
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    I appreciate the input. I'm looking for a little more extensive and higher quality hardware. I've also used McMaster Carr quite a bit in the past. They have a wide selection and for the one offs, they are hard to beat. But they are also expensive and with a little planning, I think I can have a lot of the common parts on hand.

    After a little more digging, I did see that is reselling Uline wall brackets and boxes and marking them up a ton. I think I can save a chunk of money just by buying the storage system from Uline and getting the fasteners from So far, they seem to be the least expensive for the grade 5/8/8.8/10.9.

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