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    Looks nice! How was the river?
    Water was pretty nice, waded a bit to my knees but decided not to jump all the way in.

    Not unthinkable right now in a tube with friends, but you'd definitely want a life jacket because the river gets wide and some currents change direction, which can suck you under. Wetsuit would be nice too.

    It had a real "ski day" kind of vibe, packing the poles and gliding around in the sun for a few hours. 70 degrees partly cloudy was nice. Would compare it to an intermediate ski run.

    I think I'd like to do a longer section though and be out there for like a 6-8 hour span. This route was 12 miles but we really could've kept going for like 18-24 miles.

    We were so #blessed because John's parents were willing to shuttle the truck for us. That made it really easy.

    The Salem-Keizer section had houses on the east bank and tents/garbage on the west bank. Pristine wildlife starts at the Keizer Rapids and probably goes all the way to Champoeg.

    Long views for miles up and down the river. Best to just conserve energy and let it drift you down sideways. We liked to go into the narrow offshoots at the sloughs.

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    Oregon 2021-2022 Snow Flow Thread

    Nice. Further into Portland the river has been pretty rough with all the rain and tons of debris. I donít think my wife has been out on our ski boat more than once or twice.

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