I got on offer on my 6D and some other stuff and took it. Now I have some lenses without a body.

I just listed this stuff locally and am repeating the ad and taking an extra chunk off of the prices here. I hope the prices are good - we definitely pay more for stuff in canadia. If I am off lmk.

Canon 24-70 f4 IS. No box, bought this used last winter. Nice walk around and travel lens, not quite as great iq as the beastly 2.8 but solid and the IS is nice and it won't give you scoliosis. Would think it would get a lot of use for events. Has the original bag, cap, hood, filter. $500

Canon 70-300 IS stm ii
Got this instead of reupping on another copy of the 70-200L. The colors are *maybe* not quite as punchy as the 70-200L but 5 stops of IS and extra reach compensated pretty well for me and i thank smokkan for the rec. Got nice use out of it for wildlife and portraits. Comes with a uv and aftermarket hood (only the L glass comes with canon hoods for some reason). $350

Rokinon 14mm 2.8. Amazing astro lens, good for interiors too. Has the AE chip to detect autofocus. I bought it a few months ago new from bezos and wasn't able to use it for night skies because every time I wanted to get out and shoot at night, especially stars, it rains here. Like the aurora borealis tonight. So, fml, it's gotta go. Like new out of the box, comes with everything it came with. $275