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    any other long covid people out there?

    The title says it all. Any other long covid maggots out there?
    I have be at it since march 2020. Dealing with chronic fatigue, lots of other smaller issues. Did not ski a full day at all last season.
    ebike has made this summer better.
    Found a good sports medicine doctor. He has had me on a recovery program.
    Been a long slow road with a dim light at the end of the tunnel. At least there is some light.
    anyone else?

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    Really sorry to hear that. I have no advice to offer, unfortunately, but best of luck and keep us posted. How bad was your initial illness?

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    I had the Vid over 4th of July 2020. Initial illness was not too bad. I was in bed for 3 days with full body aches. It took almost a year for my lungs to recover. Many hikes/runs I didn't have issues with before took much longer with lots of breaks for me to catch my breath. Finally feel like I'm back to where I was. Luckily no real issues other than that. I really feel for the people who are dealing with continuing issues.

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