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    ISO: 29 rear wheel

    I know how important it is to have a spare rear wheel. At this time I do not have one.

    ISO: 29, boost, XD driver

    Thank you Mags.

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    My LBS lost mine. They took it in and after some awkward debate about whether they would at least try to warranty my piece of shit OEM Roval wheel. I blew it off for a couple months because it was a piece of shit and I had a better wheel on the bike. When I went back and asked them about it they were like, "What wheel? I don't remember that." Fortunately one of the shop guys backed me up and said he remembered me dropping it off. They said they'd "figure something out". Still need to go back in there and follow up, but I don't care enough about that piece of shit wheel to want to deal with that piece of shit shop again. Maybe your post will motivate me to swing by there on my way home from work tomorrow?

    I know this doesn't help, but ..... bump, I guess? And I'll surely let you know if I ever end up with a nice new piece of shit OEM Roval 29er!
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