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    Refurbish old Lupos vs buying new Kryptons

    Hey yíall.

    As the title says, Iíve been contemplating a new set of resort boots for the year.

    About me:

    - Early 30s
    - Ski 50ish days a season. Live in Whistler with some Revelstoke / Golden trips thrown in.
    - 165/170lbs @ 5í9Ē.
    - Current boots: Lupo 130C & Zero G Pro Tour

    I treat the Lupos as my resort boot since buying the Zero Gs for touring. Iíve had them since 2017 and skied them a bunch. Theyíve seen better days, and the liners are completely blown up.

    Debating two options - save some bucks and cook a new intuition for my Lupos - or pony up for some Krypton 130ís.

    Iím looking for a pure resort boot. Small boot packs and thatís about it. Dalbellos have been my go-to for nearly 12 years. From my understanding the Krypton last is identical to the Lupo. My main concern is having a boot I can ski anytime / anywhere. The Lupos could sometimes feel punishing at my size if I was skiing tired. My bootfitter can get me some 130s with a spare set of C flex tongues for cold / Easier days. Wondering if thereís any real benefit to me spending the extra dough here, or if performance will be near identical to the Lupo.

    Interested to hear what folks think.

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    Get the new Krypton. Youíll feel better long term.

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    2nd the kryptons. Started using luptons (lupo carbon lower, krypton 130 upper, b flex tongue) last winter and they are a great hill/slack country boot. Iím same height as you and 30lb lighter and they donít feel to stiff.

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    When you say the Lupos feel "punishing" when you're tired, are you talking about their flex or dampness? Regardless I would say to go with Kryptons since they'll be a resort/sidecountry-only boot. The extra damping from the PU clog on the Krypton will feel better in hardpack and chop than the crappy grilamid clog on the Lupos, they will hold up better over time, and they're not that much heavier.

    If the punishment you're feeling from the Lupos is the flex, still get the Kryptons but keep the Lupo tongues handy. Despite both models being labeled as "130" flex, I'm pretty sure they have different tongues. I don't remember which letters correspond with which flexes, but I do remember being surprised to discover that my orange Lupos did not come stock with Dalbello's stiffest tongue. If the Krypton tongues are too much, you should be able to swap them with the Lupo tongues (though it might take some re-rigging of the actual attachment point since the Kryptons don't have the touring quick-release lever thingy.)
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