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    Fuck lessons and their outrageous prices. Ice skate. Roller blade. Watch videos of Mikaela Shiffrin ski slalom and GS (speed events are for people who don't know how to turn). Watch ski racing drill videos and then replicate on the hill. The drill that took my skiing to the next level more than any other is skiing on one ski (or just make each turn on the inside edge only; the only way to turn is to throw your upper body down the fall line, a feeling that is really tough to get used to). Once you master this you are officially a good skier. Just go skiing a bunch.

    In college, I took my friend who had never skied in his life, but was an elite (like nearly NHL elite) hockey player to the summit of Vail for his first run of his life. He did fine. My buddy here has his teenage son skiing backcountry glaciers on like his 10th time on skis in his life. No lessons. Just watching videos. Also take videos so you can see how much you suck and make adjustments.
    This one is tough because hockey players have fast feet, and understand balance and their 4 edges...immediately.
    Skiing in the rockies is like 70's porn

    Lots of bush

    Some wood

    No faceshots...


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    Right, I had a Taos buddy who was drafted and played ECHL for a bit. He was elite as a skier within 5 seasons of starting, it was absolutely remarkable how intuitive and strong he was as a new skier.

    Interestingly, he preferred no base bevel. No base bevel, base bevel zero degrees. Sharp to the tip and tail. I couldn’t ski his grabby-ass skis to save my life…he loved that shit.

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    My ex would take all women’s classes and loved them. My mother taught the all women’s classes when I was a kid and really pushes this as the way for grown female identifying people to learn how to ski or learn new skills. Guys add pressure and stress while using “just” too often, conveying that there are simple fixes to constant failures in their technique. Highly frustrating and avoidable.

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    Epic offers 20% off lessons. So I’d take her to Beaver Creek, where they probably get better tips.

    Put her in a morning lesson and ski with her after.

    They’ll never let you pick your instructor for a group lesson.

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