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    Anyone Riding Newer RS Super Deluxe?

    I have been riding Fox rear suspension for 15 years now, but my Zeb has been a revelation. Thinking about a Super Deluxe and Pike for the Element I have on order. I love the ‘damp’ feeling of an X2 (when not running coil). Does anyone have insights on the personality of the RS vs., say, a DPX2 or the newer Float? I understand I might want more ‘pop’ with a 120mm rear, but I also want comfort…
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    I'm currently on a Super Deluxe and Pike from 2020 and have been happy overall (on a Revel Rascal). I'm not sure how much of it is the awesomeness of the CBF suspension platform but it feels damp when you want it and poppy when you want it. Overall I try to be a set it and forget it type of person with suspension and after initial setup I did not touch my settings on the Pike or SD for about a year of riding until bike park season started when I began bottoming out a lot more, so that's a testament to its consistency I guess. Volume spacers helped with bottom outs but I don't feel I've gotten the rear air pressure exactly where I want it since I put them in. I also run the rear at a pretty slow rebound especially on jump lines since I found it could get a little bucky when the shock heats up towards the bottom of a long descent. So it was really just the bike park that made me start fiddling with my suspension, and a lot of that is a product of being on a relatively short travel bike for park standards

    I have ridden a few laps on a new X2 but on a totally different bike so I can't give you too good of a comparison. I'll let someone pickier than me weigh in, but in general I've always been partial to Fox and I'm totally happy with my current RS setup
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    I found I had to increase damping as well. I was getting a weird bounciness when pedaling without slowing the rebound way down. Every other shock I've had (which isn't many) I've run the rebound almost full fast. Feels good now, but I'm not sure I can really separate how much of the feel is the shock and how much is the kinematics of the bike.

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    RS is on their game these days. The Pike is a very good and versatile fork that would be ideal on the Element. Nothing wrong with the SD, but the Deluxe Ultimate is an outstanding little shock for short travel bikes. Obviously make sure you get the correct tune. I run that setup on my Following and couldn't be happier.

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    The RS Super Deluxe Ultimate is the single best upgrade I have installed on my v1 alloy Sentinel. The bike came with a dpx2 and over time I started seeing a lot of the Transition factory riders switching to the RS SD on their bikes.

    I reached out to the guys at Transition and they responded saying that most people preferred the ride quality of the RS on the v1 Sentinel. I would say the dpx2 is a poppier shock, but the RS SD turns any trail chatter big or small into a VERY smooth ride. After switching to the RS SD, I put up a new PR on my local out-and-back, which is 1400 ft of climbing over 3.1 miles and then back down a dry, rocky, rutted trail.

    In short, it's worked really well for me and my bike.
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    I've got a lightly-used RS Super Deluxe 210x55 if that happens to be your size/stroke... only removed it from my GG because I ride dirt roads in the off-season and swapped to a standard Deluxe shock to get the true lockout function.

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    Rear shocks are so sensitive to the tune. You can have the best rear shock in the world, but if it's not tuned right for your bike and your preferences, it'll be mediocre at best. So take any reviews of any rear shock with a grain of salt unless they were done on a shock that was mounted on and tuned for your bike.

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