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    Quote Originally Posted by skiJ View Post

    1988 - Acquisition of Koflach by Atomic. ATOMIC is the first full-service provider in alpine winter sports. Shoes, skis, bindings and poles develops and manufactures its own production facilities.


    ( Koflach didn't go anywhere - it just became part of the 'Atomic family' -- )
    Fun fact: Atomic still has two members of that original Koflach team in the Atomic boot department in Altenmarkt: the senior manager of R&D and the plastics/mold project leader. Between the two of them, there are about 80 years of crazy stories in the boot world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ill-advised strategy View Post
    You can say you didn’t like them, nobody can dispute your personal preferences, but tons of success in World Cup DH, World Cup moguls, and all over freeride is irrefutable proof they were (are) actually quite good.
    Ehhh, you're 100% correct. I had a pair and despite all efforts, they just didn't work for me. But hey, that's ski boots - a few work, most don't. Everybody's feet are weird and they're all different.
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    There’s a lot of ‘meh’ copies in the boot world; would be sad to see this one depleted.

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    Full tilt the brand will be gone after this season. But k2 will be making the same exact boots in part of their boot offering in 2022/23

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    As long as K2 keeps making the apres bootie I don't mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sk8rat6587 View Post
    As long as K2 keeps making the apres bootie I don't mind.

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    available from Intuition as well I think...
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    my husband was so nonchalant about it when he got the email
    I, on the other hand, immediately starting thinking of hoarding boots and getting enough buckles, etc for lifetime usage
    I guess we're different people

    ugh rebranding is a risk- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. but in this case I think it could get more of the masses looking at a FT boot where they may have overlooked it in the past
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    I wish they'd get back to me about my return. Tried a few times lately and not hearing anything back. Just some Apres boots, not ski boots.

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    Fisher?! Klein?!

    Pfffttt... look what Trek did to LeMond. Trek and Lance can burn in hellfire. Now get off my lawn!

    Ive already hoarded my lifetime supply of SX91's

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    If a lifetime supply of SX91's is more than one pair, I think you may have questionable priorities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster Highmen View Post
    I don't know if that's really the proper lineage, but it is a fact all this stuff comes from the same village in Italy.
    The hierarchy is probably highly cyclic.
    FT molds are owned by K2, live in the Roxa factory, and are operated by Roxa workers.

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    You'll still be able to get your FT boots more than likely, they'll just be rebranded with K2 marketing and logos. It's not like Line/FT was wholly separate from K2's pursestrings since the beginning anyhoo. Look what they did to K2 Telemark after us reps grew that brand, they rode that wave and it was time to move on, the market dictated it and it made sense financially, swallowed up into their alpine line and now it's backside this, backside that. I'm biased, of course, having worked for them BITD but I understand both sides, as a consumer and as a gear peddler.

    I think their stiff mindbender boot is the best thing for my foot personally since coming off of BD's factor for so long. It fits my foot and am super happy with it, overall. Opinions on boot brands based off the fit are to be taken with grain of salt, if the boot doesn't work with your foot of course it's going to suck. That being said, chunky, heavy liners, shitty buckles and wonky walk mechs are part of K2's boot fitting history but it seems to me they work very well for certain feet and I've noticed improvements to the shell, overall fit as well as the liner compared to years' past. . ymmv..

    Financially, yes, it's a sad state of affairs for the local reps who killed it with FT for so long. But they've had plenty of time to prepare and have known all along there is no loyalty when bean counters and a pandemic get involved. Covid and shipping/costing/materials/production logistics caused by that played a huge part to their bottom line and so a decision was made. Sign of the times and K2 is not the only manufacturer having to make decisions like this. It just makes sense to consolidate the brands and at the same time consolidate an entire roster of employees with jobs that overlap. It's how the rep world turns. I know a few who are staying in-house, however.

    Personally, I'd like to see K2 as a brand stick around and if this is something they need to do to survive, so be it. Again, I'm biased here because of the relationships I've formed through that brand, and I'm loyal and getting nostalgic.

    FT will hopefully stick around. It will just look different and there won't be as many models. Hopefully it won't be the end of the world for all of you who love and require that raichle/FT fit.

    ps yeah try on some Roxas if you haven't. I use the R3 for touring, it's rigid and light. Totally impressed with how hard they can rail a big ski with minimal input. Ultimately I may have to sell as my bionic formerly broken leg doesn't like tongue but I'm going to work with them another season because I *want* them to work. Beautiful boots, very well made.

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