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    Can/will moderators move threads to Hall of Fame?

    There are a number of threads throughout the forum that IMHO belong in the Hall of Fame

    RTTT/TTTBs trip report on Mt Adams instantly comes to mind.

    More recently, the callout threads started by TBSsuxV2 and SkiDog are worthy of Joseph Hazelton Awards for steering their threads into the Straits of the Ban Hammer.

    Others can Shirley come up with many other worthy entrants to HOF. I propose a small committee be appointed to winnow nominations from the collective down to a set number

    By moving and, hopefully locking out further posting, we preserve these works of literary art in their most pristine condition. Kind of like the Neanderthal cave art in Spain and France.

    So what say you Mod Gods and Goddess? Can we move some threads and lock out future posting?

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    Adding in to this I hope once a thread has been moved it can not be deleted by the original poster

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    Agreed. Too many great threads have already been lost to temper tantrums. Start the HoF vacuum

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    I don't know that I like the idea of locking them, because it's fun to post in them occasionally, and by virtue of moving them into the hall of fame they will not get shit posting (at least I hope).

    As for deleted threads, we have occasionally resurrected deleted threads, and in one case banned the OP because he kept deleting it after being told to knock it off. We have zero ability to actually change the forum capabilities, so in any event I don't know how we could prevent someone from deleting "their" thread, but we can always resurrect it if notified.

    But a hall of fame committee sounds cool.
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    Maybe they get locked for a year…just to let them age gracefully?

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    Pole straps is HOF worthy.

    Obviously. 60 degree slopes and shit.

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