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    ISO: touring skis/setup for beg/int woman ~175cm, ~105mm

    Looking for skis or a whole setup to get my mildly experienced gf into some nice backcountry powder. She's 5'10" and 135# and lives in Colorado but travels to California too. Skis would ideally be the fun shapes that make powder simple like Wailer or Salomon S-series. Need to be lighter without being feathers and need enough float for Cali without being ridiculous in Colorado. More focused on rocker, playfulness, and short turn radius bc she's no speed demon on the down (yet).
    Considering skis such as:
    Backland 107
    Wailer/Zelda 106
    Soul 7
    Pics coming soon...

    ETA: I have found complete setups that would work great for $900, but first, looking for the deals.
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    Sent a pm on a deal at local shop I found.

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    If she comes to LA/Ventura County, I have a pair of these in decent shape she can pick up for $150. Drilled twice. Quite a bit of tip rocker.

    2015 176 Salomon BC Lab 140-114-128 21m 1710g

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    176 w99 pure?

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