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    I moved from Denver to JH in spring of '90 and driving the 500 miles back to D was the best venue for the Lollapalooza festivals as I could stay with some family there.

    Still have these old favorites stored away...

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    In 1991 NIN was blowing out all the soundboards or some shit so they were deleted before the Denver shows and iirc, the Violent Femmes took their place on the bill.
    They played fine but it was quite the letdown as NIN was breaking big right then.

    I was a big Surfers fan then but following Hank Rollins was a tough row to hoe. He threw down so hard it was mindblowing.

    Ice-T with Body count was him in his prime with a bunch of hacks in the band.

    Ministry was easily the loudest, which was impressive and noticeable as they followed Soundgarden. Bought a BadMotorfinger t shirt too, long gone.

    Damn good times...

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    I love Violent Femmes but they would be like replacing NiN w a folk band lol

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    Nice DJ! We may have already talked about these bands when we skied together, but I was a huge Rollins fan and loved the Butthole Surfers. I eventually got into NIN and Ministry. Ministry's live album In Case You Didn't Feel like Showing Up made me vow to see them someday since it was such a nonstop powerful album so that ended up being at the Fillmore in SF in 1996 or 1997. Also saw Butthole Surfers at the Cow Palace that summer. Cherub is one of my all time favorite songs.

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