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    FS: DIY Shimano XT- m8020 rear brake - for shipping and booze money only

    I just changed out a 2017? 2016? xt 8020 rear brake, this was the first four piston version in the xt line, NOT the new 8120 sleekness. Whyd I change? Because I could never get a proper bleed, Im a 6-7/10 home mechanic who builds my own bikes and does 95% of maintenance but despite several bleeds it only felt good when the lever was 25% away from the bar or more, trying to move lever in any more (how I prefer it) the feel went to mush. Not sure if caliper needs rebuilding, or the lever, or both, or it just needs something more scientific than my trusty gravity bleeds, but I got tired of it.

    So for 15 shipped to the continental USA, and 10 bucks for weed/booze. Its yours.

    I am NOT including pads, as I harvested the finless metal pads onto my new rear brake and the -120 series finned pads that came on the new brake dont fit the 8020 series.

    So you get a lever, caliper, hose, all hooked up in circuit, with a meh current bleed for 25 bucks. You provide the pads. Fix it up for your next project.
    Can ship tomorrow/Friday.
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    Do I detect a lot of anger flowing around this place? Kind of like a pubescent volatility, some angst, a lot of I'm-sixteen-and-angry-at-my-father syndrome?

    fuck that noise.


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    In like flynn, PM sent

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