Well, my mtb season came to a spectacular ending at whistler mtb park. I looked down and my foot was facing backwards. F&%$... Could have been my back or head so overall I'm in a good mental space. Big props to the mountain rescue for getting my dumb ass off the mountain.

IM titanium rod with 2 screws in my tibia, 2 in my ankle. Two weeks out the swelling is down significantly, although a long ways to go. I'm on the leg raises, ankle and knee stretching regimen hard and I'm seeing slow but consistent results, although the atrophy is obviously going to be an issue. Staples are out and the wounds look good.

Doctor said weight bearing (starting at 25%) at 6-8 weeks depending on the xray, which makes sense. At week 4ish I plan to start swimming and very low-resistance stationary biking (helped tremendously after my knee surgeries) and build up from there.

Any tips for this gimp?