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View Poll Results: Could you beat a gorilla in a fight, completely unarmed?

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  • Of course. I do crossfit.

    14 21.88%
  • Never in a million years.

    49 76.56%
  • Only if I was angry because the Cubs lost.

    1 1.56%
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    Mar 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by Core Shot View Post
    Why punish the capitol?
    I say just kill the monkeys.
    and let god sort it out

    and tear down the temple to build a strip mall
    Lee Lau - xxx-er is the laziest Asian canuck I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Barron DeJong View Post
    When I was at the DC zoo a couple months ago all the apes fit your description, except for the two orangutans fucking in the back, which included the dude orangutan taking breaks to perform some cunnilingus periodically.

    Sounds like a pretty good day.

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    If we're gonna wear uniforms, we should all wear somethin' different!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXX-er View Post

    and tear down the temple to build a strip mall
    as god intended.
    swing your fucking sword.

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    Mar 2005
    If we kill all the monkeys and let god sort it out
    Will they go to heaven?

    I’ve just decided to be a middle aged somewhat depressed somewhat anxious fucktard until the end.

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