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    I'm in for anything over 188. Particularly if they're red.

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    it does not look like this is happening this year -

    there are about half a dozen calls for skis longer than 188 , and two for the 183 FAT -

    ... lots of requests for custom modifications
    ( guys, If you want a custom build, Praxis will do that for you - for a price. )

    splat, I will bet most of us are still treasuring our 2019 Lhasas ! !

    maybe next year -
    it reads-like you are regaining some health... heal, my friend ! ! fknA !

    respectfully. skiJ
    " ... I will do anything to go Skiing ... There Is no pride ... " (Miriam , 2005-2006 epic)

    Dec21, 2016. LittleBigLost :
    " I think about it everyday. It is my reminder to live life to the fullest. I get up early, go to bed late, 'cuz I got shit to do. Like I said, I'm 61. Not going to wait till I'm 81 to do stuff, ...

    Get out there and do stuff!

    Enjoy life to the fullest!!

    See you on the slopes! "

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    Now that I have Rustlers, I could see a lightweight Lhasa for mostly BC use being a thing*

    *In my mind
    No longer stuck.

    Quote Originally Posted by stuckathuntermtn View Post
    Just an uneducated guess.

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