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    Quote Originally Posted by splat View Post
    Did you mean groomer boomers?
    Depends on the drugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by bodywhomper View Post
    Depends on the drugs
    Yes, we do. 🤠

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    Quote Originally Posted by schindlerpiste View Post
    Land why hate waiting at doctors offices. I just don’t get it. If you’re 15 minutes late they want to cancel the appointment and charge you but then they have no problem making you wait an hour after your scheduled appointment to see the doctor. I have a 10 o’clock appointment with my orthopod. There is a guy sitting next to me who has a 915 appointment with the same doctor. Neither of us have been seen yet. Hi IMHO this is unprofessional
    …No wonder why they are sure to collect your co-pay immediately upon arriving
    I got very angry at my colleagues who would send away patients who came late. I saw them no matter how late, and I saw people who showed up without an appointment--although that didn't happen often. I took as much time as each patient needed, sometimes surgery took longer than expected or my cases were delayed by an emergency, sometimes I had important stuff to post on TGR--which meant sometimes patients had to wait. Priority one was everybody got seen and for as long as necessary. Priority two was seeing them on time.

    I had surgery on my finger scheduled for first thing in the morning. 5 of us were sitting around in the waiting area and after talking realized we were all scheduled for surgery with the same doc and we were all given the same time to arrive. The doc figured if 4 patients canceled there would still be one ready to go and the surgeon wouldn't have to wait for them. That was not nice. I was the lucky one who got to go first.

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    Holy petunia - 5 stacked surgeries?!?!? That's bordering on malpractice.

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