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    Big Wyoming Thank You to teleee and the Mrs.!!!!

    Really appreciate you 2 jumping on it and having the business end of the day dialed tight like a drum. Just my style.
    Enjoyed meeting and talking with ya mag, I suspect we gots lots in distaste for the dirt pimps is greater than yours though. The cuss words just wouldn't stop flowing.

    What a stellar day, hot but not too, a few clouds and a bit of breeze. The raft was perfect and so, 'Summertime, and the livin's easy.'

    Holla when you're over here, we'll wrangle schwerty for a coach lap.

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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    super stoked yall got the float on
    stoked we got the old man outta the rehab hospital and home with us and on a positive gaining strength prognosis
    super bummed we aint road trippin to fish with yas or luauing this one
    shits my passion and i spent a lot of wage slave hours thinking about how it was all gonna be worth it to be able to rendezvous and fuck off fish face fuckin for a couple weeks
    but theres somethin to say about takin care of family business
    "When the child was a child it waited patiently for the first snow and it still does"- Van "The Man" Morrison
    "I find I have already had my reward, in the doing of the thing" - Buzz Holmstrom
    "THIS IS WHAT WE DO"-AML -ski on in eternal peace
    "I have posted in here but haven't read it carefully with my trusty PoliAsshat antenna on."-DipshitDanno

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    We are missing you and Sheldon! This morning the docket held firing weapons versus casting. A Magfest 2021 at Red Cliffs with Harry, MiCol, Djongo, Seano and others punching targets and throwing brass.

    Some of the weapons were more modern than my Fudd gun collection.

    Name:  Magfest 2021 2.jpg
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    MiCol giving range instructions to a US Army veteran on weapons he didn't use in Korea.
    Name:  Red Cliff Magfest 2021.jpg
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    Lever guns still rule though.

    Name:  Magfest 3.jpg
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    Looks like you guys had a Blast ... Harry best of luck with ur move. Hoping to ski with you guys again this winter in Jackson and Utardia...... solid group of mags as always
    always forward but never straight

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