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    Wireless Headphones

    I just broke my Cowin E7s after a few years of owning them. Dumb mistake on my part, they would have kept going for awhile longer.

    Should I just buy another pair or is there something else at that price point I should look at ($50)?

    Iím looking for over ear and Iím one of those people that canít deal with noise canceling so thatís not important to me. Wireless because I have an iPhone and no 3.5mm port.

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    I've got some Anker Q20 headphones that I've been pretty happy with. I'm not an audiophile but they survived being dropped a good amount over the last year.

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    I have these from Skull Candy. Bit higher price point, but they are solid. Really cool tunable bass too, which is really nice for movies.

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    I got some Bose soundsports for $79 on sale (normally $129?) and they are pretty good for that price. I would not pay retail for them. I used to think Bose stuff was a bit meh, but some of their more recent stuff (post 2015) has been pretty good to my ears.

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    I was quite happy with the sound of that wireless headset but I bought it from a friend for $85 and that price is too expensive.

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