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    The manufacture of d3o does not suggest putting that material in a washing machine and voids any warranty of the product. So, there is that. From what I've read, I'll continue to sponge bathe them and one day put them in for a gentle cycle with no detergent if they get bad. I'm basically asking because the folks who make it say don't do it. For whatever reason.

    As for wetsuits, all they need to do is not piss in them and they don't stick. Rinse with fresh water afterwards. I would never throw my wetsuit in a washing machine for fucks sake. All that agitating is not good for neoprene. Then again, my suits last for years of regular use.

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    within 6 months a wetsuit will smell bad from absorbed sweat even if it never gets wet

    in any case you can't stop either from getting wet in use so I just wash it and nobody died
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