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    ADK climbing under threat

    I haven’t seen for myself yet but it sounds like the state killed hundreds of parking spaces for hikers and climbers to make a private club a more attractive membership in the high peaks. this would basically limit access to chapel pond to a few cars. one of the most scenic places i’ve ever seen, top notch climbing in all season. access fund put up a petition, if you feel like lending your name to it to reverse this decision please do so.

    here’s the mountain project, all of these areas are basically small trail heads that you would pull off from the side of the road. now blocked or illegal.
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    the Ausable club is such a bummer...

    Is that all because of the Ausable club? I thought it was just cause things are so crowded up there these days.

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    It has gotten super crowded, but the hiking crowds seem mainly confined to the garden, loj, Giant and Porter/Cascade lots. it has gotten a lot better since peak covid tho. The shuttle from Marcy field is also running again, which I think has alleviated some of the insanity.

    That being said, fuck the ausable club. growing up we always called it "club white power" and everyone on the trails knew exactly what we were talking about with no need for explanation.

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    Fuck that in a place where if a dead twig is cut for a glade you go to jail

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    They just renewed the permit system for next year https://www.adirondackdailyenterpris...r-second-year/

    It definitely kept a lot of people out of the ausable club property and most likely pushed them to the garden or Loj. The AMR parking lot looked mostly empty all summer. I also saw a few weeks ago they towed a couple of cars out of the lot, even though the permit system stops at the end of October.

    I didn’t know there was any other local adk mags here..

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