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Thread: Velocirax?

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    Anyone have any opinions?

    It looks like itíll clear the full-size spare on my van.

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    Remind me. We'll send him a red cap and a Speedo.

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    Friends have them and they are very easy to load, lower and raise, fits most wheel sizes included kids 24Ē and 20Ē (I think). Heavy though. If you have a Ford F250 or other full-size truck, tailgate may not clear the rack when it is down. Can be used to store bikes in garage which is a bonus. When compared to the vertical racks that I have used, i.e. North Shore and recon, this one is my favorite, fwiw.

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    I posted in the other thread before we bought a rack. We went with the Velocirax 5X.

    Iím happy with it. Every rack is a trade off. I thought the tilt feature was kind of a gimmick but my fiancťe has a non-union clavicle and it makes it much easier for her.

    I have a 2020 Sierra 1500 and need the Kuat Hi-Lo extension to fully drop the tailgate. Iím not a fan of the extra length, but I like being able to get in the back of the truck.

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