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    We take retail CC's, but it's really annoying that you have to 'shop' different rate fees. And yeah, Amex sucks.
    We also have customer accounts and offer cash discount terms. We allow a few good customers to pay with CC monthly, but no discount.

    I always paid cash to my bike shop just to help him out. Certain small mom and pops I try to pay cash if I have any on me because they get more screwed on fees than the larger guys...which is complete bullshit.

    You also get dinged if you don't swipe or insert the chip. Punching the number in adds points to the transaction. Assuming that is where most fraud occurs.

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    I'm telling you dudes, forget about all the old school bank BS. Get a fold visa debit card and start stacking sats ASAP. I'm averaging around 10% back on purchases (including my rent) and now getting high-yield APY on my cash balance. I got a few buddies with Chase Sapphire Reserve cards, arguably the best rewards on the industry (until now) to start using fold and they are stoked out of their gourds.

    Here's a purchase from yesterday where I got about 4 dollars back on my 5 dollar bagel.

    FWIW BlockFi visa credit with 1.5% BTC flat back is coming soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danno View Post
    Not juggling cards because you can't deal with that seems totally normal and not stupid to me. But getting a good basic rewards card like the double cash one and just using that, ie not juggling but the card you use is a good rewards card, is a total no brainer though. Doesn't make you an idiot for not doing it, but it's most certainly a financial mistake.

    If you use the CC for everything, it's easy to get a few hundred in cash back every year. With no juggling.
    Yeah understood. Should have added that I have 3 reward cards all in regular use. Iíve had the same ones for 7 years. I only pay with cash or use debit in the rare cases where they donít accept credit.

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    My gold Amex pretty much pays for a yearly trip to FR for Ms Boissal and I. And shopping for free at Costco once a year is pretty damn nice. Ms Boissal has an Amazon CC that sees an inordinate level of action, the 5% back is a nice bonus.

    I have friends who are massively anti CC and will give you a 2 hour convoluted reasoning behind that choice if you make the mistake of asking. I've watched a couple deal with fraud on their debit card or flail about with loan rates due to not having a solid credit history. Gotta admire principled people who are willing to get bent over said principles and fucked by the bank. There are millions of idiots out there who can't understand the first thing about personal finances and are willing to subsidize the benefits I get from my cards. The bank is happy to let me make a few $$ when it bleeds thousands of them dry with 25+% APR on maxed out cards.
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