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    Quote Originally Posted by climberevan View Post
    No, I was referring to Roxtar's naptha+wax blend idea.

    Rewax after 5+ SS applications is the same as a rewax after none: quick rinse in boiling water and G2G. No consideration needs to be given to the fact that you've used SS over the initial hot wax bc SS is the same product, just emulsified in water.

    I've heard that the SS doesn't actually do much to penetrate, but it immediately eliminates the horrible grinding that a used-up waxed chain emits, so I always have a tiny dropper bottle of it with me. An application lasts 20-50 miles of MTB, so usually enough to get me home.
    That's the reasoning behind my desire to find/create a drip lube that equates to the MSW formula. It should have no effect on the mix when rewaxing.
    Naphtha evaporates pretty quick and clean so I don't think I'm introducing any real amount of petro to the solution.
    Any chemical guys here to disagree?
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    After the first three seconds, Corbet's is really pretty average.
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    I mean, it's not your fault. They say talent skips a generation.
    But hey, I'm sure your kids will be sharp as tacks.

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    I’ve been doing Silca immersion wax, that lasts about 60-100miles on mtb/100-200 on drop bar bikes in dry conditions-then SS drip every couple of rides as needed. Frequency increases as we start riding in the high country with water crossings/snow drifts/rain storms.
    Re-hot wax every 2-3 months.

    I experimented with Silca Synergetic this spring on the gravel bike and down in Sonora for a few big mtb rides. That stuff is legit. Very much on the clean side for a “wet lube”. In Sonora we started 2 rides with 15 steam crossings in 3 miles, then had a few hours of desert dust, and the chain was running sweet the entire ride. Evan, this stuff would have been great in Scotland.

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    Yeah, the Synergetic would prob have been the perfect lube for this trip. HOWEVER, since I forgot both of our chains ("I'll just give these a last hot wax and hang them here to cool while I pack the bikes.") and had to buy new ones in Inverness, I was subject to what they had there. I bought an expensive bottle of Peaty's lube that they recommended. It is pretty nice, and the chains didn't gunk up badly at all, but it seems to wash off after a couple of hours of rain or a few miles of riding in stream/trail, so an application never lasted a full day. I'm interested to check these chains to see how much they have worn with basically mud and water to lube them for several hundred miles.
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