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    TLT6s on BMT 122s?

    Continuing with my ever-meandering quiver, just picked up a pair of 176 BMT 122s, checking to see if anyone has any experience with TLT6s on these. If itís not a good match, Iíll use the Vulcans, which Iím considering selling if the TLT6s will work. Will be mounting Alpinists and using them to realize their birthright- powder touring. Thx!

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    If you got a Vulcan and it fits you don' get rid of it

    but I'm a Vulcan fanboi
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    I find that BMT122s ski better if you drive the shovels a bit from a somewhat centered to forward stance. As such boots with a stiffer tongue will def enable that to a higher degree. The deeper and lighter the snow, the more you can get away with less supportive boots. As such, TLT6s will probably be fine, if nothing spectacular. Vulcans will more likely than not be better. And congrats on your new sticks - BMT122s are great skis!

    I took my 186s out for a spin today after a storm left us with a dump of surprisingly good snow. Mine are mounted with Tectons and I used Lange XT3 130s today. Very, very fun - except the part where I went full speed into a stone. That impact not only sent my flying, but will also have me spending a bit of time fixing some deep gauges in the soles as well as retuning one edge rather substantially.

    Second time this year I am having to fix BMT soles - I wish they were a bit more sturdy.

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    Shit. I was also bidding on those for my wife. Great ski that is a favorite of hers. FWIW she had a great time on her 176cm 122's in Japan a couple of years ago using MTN Explore's for boots and KP clamps. Don't know how that compares to the TLT but it's a reference point. Worked fine in chopped up pow and ice as well as clean blower.

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